Entry #1

Axis & Allies

2009-10-08 18:00:55 by AngryMouse14

Oi Newgrounds! Been a while..

I haven't used Flash in a while... how about we finish up Axis & Allies to shake off some rust!

Need some input for potential gags throughout the rest of the level. (Through the tunnel, blowing up the main fuel depot door, planting charges, etc.) Any RTCW: ET players out there have some ideas? Any ideas appreciated. Of course spots in the credits for any input I make use of!

Take it easy NG,

Axis & Allies


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2009-10-08 18:46:52

1st comment!

AngryMouse14 responds:

Took you 45 minutes. Diaf.


2009-10-08 19:15:20

Looks interesting. :)


2009-10-08 19:54:39

We need a ninjadeer.
I loved so much the Axis' voice commands.


2009-10-08 23:09:46

The 4/16 part that you submitted was great.
Now finally I'm going to see the rest.


2009-10-24 05:54:02

You could always have the inevitable backstabbing of the sniper on the hill, or the tank getting airstriked as it drives past the Axis compound.


2009-12-21 05:46:50



2009-12-23 04:49:42

As soon as you blow down the door have a german Rambo bust out gun blazing with dual smgswhile getting shot up missing evrything even the cat!!!


2011-07-16 17:47:42

weres poninjas?


2011-09-28 23:37:57

aaaaaaaaaaannnnngyyyyyy mouse where are u?


2016-01-23 15:56:23

It's a shame you never finished it. You could make big bucks with this shit on JewTube by now.


2016-11-26 14:35:33

Are you still here, I wonder? Wonder whatever happened to Poninjas 6, episode seems to be gone. :/