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joe jordeson drum solo! joe jordeson drum solo!

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I gave you a download.


Yusuke says hi. :)

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Rig - omglolwtfbbq Rig - omglolwtfbbq

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I am trying to interperet this!

And it hurts! D:

Rig responds:

All your base are belong to me

==(Celestial Swamp Life)= ==(Celestial Swamp Life)=

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Those clicks are a very interesting effect; they have the exact effect of being underwater and someone is clicking a coin against the bottom of the pool. They dig right into your head - I feel like I'm hearing them in my brain.

Trippy stuff. Nicely done. <3

Buoy responds:



thanks for teh review!

This is Freedom This is Freedom

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I adore this song.

This track is so inspiring! The simple rhythm and melody, the military-esque drums, the cello/string section... A masterpiece. Well done, my friend.

Fighting for Your Life--Battle Fighting for Your Life--Battle

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Very neat, but could use some toning-down.

This song is great, but it's VERY loud. The quality actually suffers - it sounds grainy, at least on this computer. The principle instrument, the brass/string-sounding thing is far too blaring most of the time.

Also, the drum loop is very quite, and could use a little variation.

The entire thing is very muddled and overly-chaotic, in my opinion, but with a little touching up and some more supressed/subtle instruments, think this song would be smashing!

SuperTonic64 responds:

Thanks! I'll see what I can do to fix the clarity problems and to tone it down a bit. :D

Saying Goodbye- Loopable theme Saying Goodbye- Loopable theme

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Absolutely beautifle.

After listening to (and thoroughly enjoying) this piece several times, I ran downstairs as fast as I could and figured it out on the piano. My mum came in and sat down while I was playing - when I stopped, I looked behind me and saw that she was wiping her eyes with a tissue, smiling.

The song is amazing in its simplicity and tonality, and - call me soft, but - it brings tiny tears to my eyes whenever I listen to it or play it. The F-G-A piano chord progression is just so deftly heart-wrenching, even though it repeats and never changes during the entire piece. And then when the other instruments come in... magic. :3

I cannot wait to go to my next piano lesson and play this song on my instructor's 9-ft Grand piano.

Your music, this song and all the rest, is amazing. Looking forward to more music from you... keep it up, mate! ^^

SuperTonic64 responds:

Your review really touched me. I was thinking about not submitting much of anything else, (because I need some music off of here ASAP!) but you reminded me of something... My real goal of writing music in the first place.

I write all my music through my heart and that particular piece represents a part of me. When I wrote "Saying Goodbye" I was extremely sad at that time, since a friend of mine was moving far away.

Thank you for your review! I'm glad my music touched your heart, and also your mom's! :)

Danger Ahead 3 Danger Ahead 3

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This was AWSUM

I juz used it for the Boss Battle in Poninjas Episode Four! This roxors! 13.8/10